Cloud-based sports betting solutions with sky-high performance

Built for players' pleasure and betting operators' triumph.

The growing team of minus5 experts creates sports & betting technology, constantly challenging their skills and creativity to deliver products of unprecedented quality, customized to operator’s needs.


Turnkey software solution based on superb technology ideal for operators looking to minimize risk and lower operational cost, featuring a rich pre-match and live offer which relies on data obtained from the industry’s most reliable source, Betradar.

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betradar live betting certified partner 2017-2018

betradar pre-match betting certified partner 2017-2018


Reliable and accurate results and statistics for pre-, post-, and live-matches upgraded with relevant content sports fans would usually look for elsewhere.

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Traditional game of luck in its digital form opens a lucrative revenue stream for operators, giving them flexibility in creating and configuring their lottery offer.

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Exceptional gameplay replication and realistic game outcomes based on real games results guarantee players’ engagement and operator’s profit.

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Truly functional players’ account offers maximum convenience for pleasurable punting and gives operators full control of the betting business.

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The quality of our products is backed by integrations with industry-leading providers of betting data and video distribution.


Each of our products is unique, but one thing they all have in common is the exquisite tech we base them on. The core characteristics of the technology we apply guarantee that our products are a great fit for every size of business and all business needs.


Open source based







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