Wanna be part of the team?

If you hate focusing on one product, working in an encouraging environment with inspiring people, listening to music at work and receiving stimulative salary, don't read any further.

You're skilled, ambitious and hella efficient. Impressed by technology and convinced that gadgets count as jewelry. The idea of a dull 9-to-5 workday spent looking at the clock excites you about as much as cold pizza. Those people who think describing you as a geek offends you? Amateurs.

But as awesome as you are, somehow you got stuck in the wrong place, surfing the web all day, watching the clock tick away. Perhaps you answered a wrong ad at the right time, seduced by its false promises. Or perhaps you were recommended by a friend (who you're not friends with anymore).

Whatever it was, you decided that it’s time to move on. You want a new challenge. Something that will inspire you and get those brainy wheels turning again.

You're on the lookout for a job. We're on the lookout for you.

Technologies we use

Docker, Consul, React, Javascript, Node, Sass, Go, Mongo DB, Redis, AWS, NSQ, Webpack, Rails, PostgreSQL, Swift, Jenkins, Rx, Firebase, Sketch, Illustrator, Invision, Photoshop


Open job positions

Our office is spacious and there's plenty of room for everyone. However, currently our priority is finding colleagues in the following areas:

Product manager

You're one of the pros who handle the complete process of product development, defining „what“, „why“ and „when“ will be implemented.

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Frontend developer

You're in the team that displays a huge quantity of real-time sports data on desktop and mobile web by working closely with the backend team.

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Backend developer

You're with the folks that process a huge quantity of real-time sports data and adapt them for mobile and web applications by working closely with the frontend team.

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UI/UX Designer

You're a hawk-eye who will pay attention to details while introducing new products in existing interfaces according to the defined design guidelines of the client's brand.

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Send us an open request

If you're still reading, you must really like what you see. If currently there's no open position fitting for you but you are sure you would make a difference to our company, send us an open request and convince us!

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