Why us?

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

About us

minus5 is a growing team of experts focused on applying digital technologies in sports and betting, constantly challenging their skills and creativity to deliver products of unprecedented quality, customized to operator’s needs. When developing a new product, we analyse players' behavior in order to design a solution tailored to the future needs of a constantly changing audience. Thanks to 15+ years of experience and thorough knowledge about the industry, we provide innovative sports & betting technology which gives our partners a competitive edge and sets them apart.

We want to bring our passion for cutting-edge technology and continual high-level performance of our software on the market and to become one of the largest gaming providers in the world.

Hrvoje Zlatar, CEO

When we first started, the idea was to take on responsibility for a challenging project, to have the freedom to choose the technologies and approach work from our own angle, and to surround ourselves with peers who prompt us to keep progressing. We saw the opportunity to make all three wishes a reality in cooperating with a betting shop. To this day, people, freedom and responsibility remain the cornerstones of our business operations.

Igor Anić, CTO

Building the entire architecture for our client's online business venture was a real challenge. When we began cooperating, SuperSport was a small betting shop with only a dozen affiliates. With the web service we built for them, they became established as the most prominent regional betting shop. The passion which motivated us to take on the project in the first place still drives us today as we continue to maintain and develop it further.


Sportsbook. by minus5 shows performance unparalleled to any sportsbook system we have encountered previously. Surely, there are other systems which can handle 120 live matches simultaneously, but none show such great scalability and stability at or beyond this mark.

Another point goes to UI, which is designed very thoughtfully, with the player in mind. Most significantly, this excellent web provides a playing experience comparable to or better than some of the best sports betting sites in the world. With unprecedented speed, it leaves the leading competitors far behind.

Our team, our office

As proud as our products make us, having the people who make the products as team members is our greatest accomplishment.

The earliest birds come in as early as 7, but we don’t discriminate against sleeping in. While freshly brewed cup of coffee and tea slowly disappear, great ideas start appearing.

Just like ideas, our employees are constantly developing their skills and growing, sometimes at a conference or an office meetup, other times fortifying their spirit and body at a team building.

When they are not building superior sports betting software on their latest and greatest machines, they can be found enjoying a free cooked meal in the office kitchen, relaxing with a new addition from the common library or getting excited for a game of table soccer.

To keep our team at optimal performance, we like to unplug for the (extended) weekend.

So far, so good?

No need to save your questions until the end. If you would like to know more, we would love to tell you.

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